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The Best Time - Based NFT Game

Game Story

Space Marvel is a special universe inspired by the multiverse theory where many parallel universes coexist with space, time, matter, energy and distinct physical laws: 2D Universal, 3D Universal, Vr Universal,… These parallel universes are connected to each other through a space-time crack. Players find their own team of heroes to join them in exploring the universe, fighting, gathering resources, conquering planets or forming their own countries with other players.
Heroes & Spaceships
Anubis is one of the oldest and most powerful gods in the world of Egyptian mythology. This god is the guardian of the souls in the afterlife and has the ability to use demonic powers to suck life out of the enemies, restoring inside the body to continue it's battle.
virtual reality
    Start designing and build the game, NFTs Design, Strategy round
  • 12-2021
    - Introduce Marketplace & NFT Heroes
    - Introducing $SVE Token
  • Q1-2022
    - Mass building on social channels
    - Releasing official website
    - Starting Airdrop event
    - Introducing basic concept of Space Marvel
    - Introducing NFT system
  • Q2-2022
    - INO Public Box selling
    - Marketplace opening
    - Unboxing heroes NFT event
    - Releasing Testnet and Testnet Tournament
    - $SVX Listing event
    - Mainnet release
    - $SVE IDO and Listing Event
    - Tournament/League
    - Battle Pass
    - Seasonal Content
    - Releasing iOS App - Android App
    - Optimizing Regional tournament for countries.
    - Marketing - Listing
  • Q4-2022
    - Releasing iOS App - Android App
    - Website v2.0
    - Creating Metaverse and Diversifying hero system
    - Multi-language
    - 3D Integration
    - Developing VR system
Private Round 10.0%
20% released at TGE, 2 months cliff then linear vesting over the next 12 months
Public Round 3.0%
20% at TGE, cliff 1 month then 20% monthly over 4 months
Marketing & Liquid 20.0%
10% at TGE, then linear vesting over the next 36 months
Play to earn 29.0%
Use as rewards for users during game playing
Ecosystem 15.0%
1 month locked then 5% at month 2, then linear vesting over the next 60 months
Team and Advisor 23.0%
12 months fully locked, then unlock over 36 months
play to earn features
Space Marvel Team
Supported Chains
65x faster than BSC will allow us to bring the next groundbreaking experience to the game-fi space such as 3D VR NFT, 3D metaverse map, partner, and cross-chain with other games.
The dual chain architecture of BSC allows its players to effectively develop and build their own decentralized apps (dApps). BSC is fully compatible with EVM. It also supports one of the most popular Defi wallets, MetaMask.
Lightning-fast transaction speed will make us dive into the game-fi space such as 3D VR NFT, 3D metaverse map, partner, and cross-chain with other games and amazing projects.
Transaction per second 6,500 100 65,000
AVG fee per transaction $0.001575 $0.01 $0.0015
Transaction latency 0.09 sec 75 sec 0.4 sec
Number of validators 4,000+ 21 702
Total transaction to date 50 Million 227 Million 15 Billion
Space Marvel is the first NFT game integrated with Multi-chain technology with Play to Earn mechanism on BSC.The game is a skill-to-earn gameplay following the autobattlers genre with exclusive NFTs collections of heroes, spaceship and space stations. Players will play as the role of gods to form the strongest team-comp to defeat other forces and conquer the Universe.
Space Marvel uses Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 for token and smart contract deployment. It's a new well-known blockchain for the many crypto project with its advantages ò attracting potential users. More than that, our ambition is to make Space Marvel a bridge to other popular chains, with the multi-chain architect to take advantage of the most popular chains: Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Solana.
The tokenmomic is described in detail in the whitepaper. But in general, most of the token is committed for the game ecosystem. It's locked transparently and public to everyone.
Our tokenomics are governed and controlled by 2 tokens: $SVE is the main governance token and SVX is the token for rewarding system. The usage of two different types of tokens ($SVE, $SVX) with separated utilities will ensure the inflation rate at the minimum level. Besides, Space Marvel also introduces many non-fungible token (NFTs) representing heroes, game items.
SVE and SVX can be listed on decentralized and centralized exchanges while NFT token can be bought and sold on in-game marketplace.
- Win PvP and PvE battles
- Trading NFTs on Marketplace
- Staking & Farming
- Complete the freight or hijack the freight
- Become spaceships owners and get sharing profits from SVE
- Get SVE in a private sale, IDO, or buy on DEX and CEX
SVE will be listed on decentralized exchanges first, after that It will be listed on centralized exchanges. We will announce users when SVE is listed on our website or official media channels.
The space station is a stopping point and refueling space ships after battles. Depending on the type of spaceship, the recharge time may vary. In order to get a spatial parking spot, players need to pay a fee in $SVE tokens. The parking spots have different recharge rates. The faster the charging spot, the higher the rental cost is likely to be. Spatial parking spots are finite NFT assets . Investors can buy these parking spots and then lease them back or do business on them by building energy charging stations for spaceships. It can also be bought and sold on the marketplace.
We have finished developing the game and blockchain part. We will run on testnet in May and expect to launch the game in Q2/2022.
Official telegram: @spacemarvel, Twitter: @spacemarvelinc, Discord: @Discord/spacemarvel.
Be aware of fake contract addresses and fake social groups/accounts!